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American Journal of Social Science Research, Vol.1, No.4, Oct. 2015, Pub. Date: Jul. 16, 2015
Impacts of “School Terrorism” in the Milieu of Peshawar Incident; Pakistan’s Black Day, December 16th, 2014
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[01] Syed Sajjad Nasir Kazmi, Department of Civil Engineering, MCE Risalpur Cantonment, KPK, Pakistan.
[02] Arshad Ali, National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Mankind has been suffering the disasters of many a types which had either been natural or manmade. All the geophysical and the hydro-metrological disasters are related to the nature but all anthropogenic disasters are related to the actions of the human- beings, whether covert or overt on one pretext or the other. One thing common for all is that these have deep penetrating impacts on the humans with respect to their way of life in the performance of gendered roles, usage of property and assets, balance of trade and economy as well as the layout of politico military and psychosocial infrastructure. Capacity building strategies too had been evolved to deal with and recover from all such impacts of disasters but the worst among all are the psychosocial impacts on women and especially on children which are time consuming to heal with. On one hand, a disaster may have huge volumetric effect but negligible impact on the psychosocial build up and vice versa depending upon the degree of human vulnerability and severity of the impact. As opposed to the natural or other manmade disasters, terrorism has its own significance in this context and among all other multidimensional aspects of terrorism, “School Terrorism” is considered to be worst carrying drastic and long lasting impacts on the exposed community. The paper in questions reviews the disaster of terrorism in totality with specific emphasis on “School Terrorism” in the backdrop of “Peshawar Incident” on December 16th, 2014.
Terrorism, School Terrorism, Talibans and Talibanization
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